ShARE is set up as a societal company

ShARE is set up as a societal company – a company that serves the society, its customers and its shareholders. ShARE’s capital is owned by the foundation Papiga incorporated in the Netherlands that guarantees the societal purpose of ShARE.

Advisory board

An advisory board of 6 non-executive directors composed of recognised experts with complementary competencies, professional backgrounds and nationalities ensures a rigorous and efficient governance of ShARE to help it achieve its ambitious goals.


Francois Bouvard
Former senior partner at McKinsey. Board member of Devialet and Tony Blair Institute. President of ICAM. French.


Monica De Virgiliis
Director of Strategy of CEA. Board member of Prysmian Group. Italian.


Bernard Ramanantsoa
Former director of HEC. Board member of Orange. French.


Partha Sen
Former director of Delhi School of Economics. Indian.


Maarten Scholten
Former general counsel of TOTAL. Dutch.


Jessica Fang
Director of Strategy at PPDAI, former EM at McKinsey. ShARE-Alumni in annual rotation. Chinese