You are an NGO solving on a societal issue, work with the ShARE students to make you even better at it

As part of their leadership programme, ShARE students have to work with an NGO during a period of 4 weeks. A great learning opportunity for you and the students.
Expand abroad
  • Propose your solutions to other people in need.
  • Check regulation
  • Identify new partners.
Improve your solutions
  • Compare your solutions with other NGOs.
  • Survey your beneficiaries.
  • Develop new features.
Improve your economic model
  • Review your pricing, your positioning.
  • Import new economic models.
Raise funds
  • Identify new source of funding.
  • Use new technologies to increase your reach.
How it works
ShARE will compose a team of 4 students who will work about 10 hours per week for a period of 4 weeks. 
Your time commitment
Your NGO assigns a coordinator who will spend ~2 hours per week to guide the students. Kick-off and final meeting will have to be attended by the CEO. The students should also be invited to visit your NGO and the work you do.
You define a problem statement and a detailed scope of work. It has be feasible within 4 weeks and requires consulting skills to be solved. The students will deliver a consulting deck at the end.
Depending on the nature of the project, you might get the students sign a NDA whenever necessary.
Work location
The students work from their campus although they should come at least once to visit you.
This is a learning experience for the students and which is part of their leadership programme. It is free for you and we just expect great learning will take place both sides.
"It has been a fantastic experience working with ShARE and its students on how the blockchain and cryptocurrencies can contribute to the development of our fundraising strategy.  


We worked with brilliant students from 3 different countries and they brought not only their expertise but also their experience and perspective from their respective countries. There is no doubt that it will enable Break Poverty Foundation to innovate in fundraising"
Valerie Daher, Director, Break Poverty Foundation


Requirement to apply

Innovative NGO working on a pressing economic issue such as inequalities, climate change, pollution, poverty, education, health.

Established NGO with a min of 20 employees, or $500k budget.

Yearly budget less than $10m.

Submit your case

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