Valeo is looking for an innovative start-up in India to conduct joint-research in the field of electric mobility for 2 and 3 wheelers. The challenge is to find a performing Electric PowerTrain System for 2 and 3 wheelers which can be manufactured in India in large scale at lower cost and higher quality than the product currently being imported.

The winning start-up will benefit from Valeo's legal, technical and market knowledge, receive a €10k budget for prototype, and access to Valeo R&D expertise to further develop/refine the product. This is a great chance to work with an industry leader in electric, autonomous and digital mobility.

Access technical mentors

Get technical advice from the 20 000 researcher pool of Valeo

€10k prototyping

You are entitled to a budget to €10k to develop a prototype.

Access global markerts

Co-develop technical solutions that could be sold at scale.


Electric mobility in India will start with 2 and 3 wheelers. Yet most of electric motors are imported. The challenge is to find a performing Electric PowerTrain System for 2 and 3 wheelers which can be manufactured in India in a large scale at lower cost and higher quality than the product currently imported.

  • Smart, Connected Electric PowerTrain & Electronics that will help improve Drive Range & Performance of vehicle substantially over the current available solutions as far as the end user services
  • Improve the earning potential of 2 and 3 wheeler owners substantially over the current levels.
  • Works at 48V (nominal), with electric powertrain peak power in the range of ~ 6 kW and continuous power in the range of 4 kW








Apply before 28th October Midnight IST. You would need to submit 3 documents: a document presenting your company (date of creation, funding, key teams, other achievements), a one page about your technical capabilities on electric motor and motor controller, a one page about how you intend to solve the problem.  Successful candidates will be interviewed by the Valeo team.


You will be assigned a Valeo project coordinator and you will be invited to Valeo head quarters in India to meet the team. You will then have 2 weeks to submit the Valeo  a detailed proposal and a budget proposal to unlock first tranche of the budget.


You will have formal touch points with the Valeo coordinator every month and ad-hoc discussions to troubleshoot technical issues as they arise. As you hit milestones in the programme, further tranches of the budget will be unlocked. In month 3, you should present the first result of the prototype and in month 4 you will come to Valeo to present the final results.


Please read carefully the rules of the programme. You will have to agree with the rules before applying.

Click here to download the rules




Valeo is an automotive supplier and partner to automakers worldwide. As a technology company, we design innovative solutions for smart mobility, with a particular focus on intuitive driving and reducing CO₂ emissions. The Group also provides and distributes spare parts for automakers and independent aftermarket operators.

Key figures: 113 000 employees, $20bn sales and presence in 33 countries. To know more about Valeo Group, click here.


Submit your 3 documents by email to before 28th October Midnight IST. The total attachment should not exceed 10Mo.

If you face any difficulty to send your application, you can contact


  1. Open to Indian start-up only - Your company headquarters must be registered in India
  2. Maturity - your company should have more than 10 employees and less than 50. It should exist for more than 12 month. Revenue should be below $5m or fund raised less than $5m
  3. Scope - your company should have developed a solution on e-mobility for 2 and 3 wheelers in India with a focus on powertrain system and electronics (electric motors and vehicle controllers).


To apply, simply submit the following 3 documents in PDF format covering;

  1. A description of your company (show that you meet the participation criteria)
  2. Your expertise in Powertrains and Electronics
  3. In 1 or 2 pages, please describe your idea/product that would address the problem statement.
    • Explain how you would use the €10K (what refinements for your product / idea would you make?)
    • What would be your timeline for developing these refinements (Note that this accelerator runs for 4 months)
    • Provide a target price point for your idea/product