A new way to do consulting

Tier 1 consulting firm quality for 1/5 of the cost. Grow your business in 15 countries in 4 continents.


One single window to recruit talent

Recruit highly trained students from 30 top universities in China, India, Africa, Europe, Brazil and many other countries. No more long recruitment process; we pre-identify talent for you and you only need to conduct final round interviews.

Build new innovation ecosystem

When you get in touch with ShARE students, you get in touch with the ecosystem of the university. Get connected to professors, start-ups, and incubators of top universities world wide.


We help our clients grasp new growth opportunities

Explore new markets
Size the market, forecast growth, identify key competitors, understand government regulation.


Find the right local partner
Due-diligence on local business partners, including understanding of strengths, weakness, and potential opportunities.
Anticipate the competition
Profile competitors, segment the market, understand their business strategy, and identify areas of competitive advantage and differentiation.


Try new business models
Size the opportunity, model the economics, learn from other industries. Test with future clients.
Acquire a company
Strategic due-diligence, market evolution, valuation, executive team assessment, product comparison and analysis, and initial discussions.
Identify your disruptor
Map the value chain, understand competitive trends and market evolution. Identify disruptors and strategic response.

Our competitive advantage

Tier 1 consulting firm quality
Our consulting teams are made of ex McKinsey, BCG and Bain consultants.
Low cost
1/5 that of a consulting firm. Competitive to hiring your own resource.
Global and local
We work in Europe, US, Brazil, Africa, India, Indonesia, China and other countries...Our insights are extracted Locally, our reach is Global.
"We asked the ShARE team to help us make a decision on whether to invest in a new product line in a large Asian country. Despite the niche product, they were able to extract very local insights about the market which were critical to making our decision of entering the market"
Volkmar Offerman, Directeur Techno-Marketing, Saint-Gobain

The source of our competitive advantage


ShARE is a start-up at the intersection of education and consulting. The two structures reinforce each other. The consulting arm offers opportunities to students to sharpen their corporate skills, work on real-world cases and receive coaching from Tier 1 consulting professionals. 
At the same time, working with students provides a cost advantage, broad geographic reach (4 continents) and deep local insights to our consulting services. 


We help our clients build their brands and acquire top talent in 15 countries across 30 top universities.

One single window for 15 countries
Access talent from 30 top universities with one contact only.
We work digitally. No need to travel to the universities.
Simplified Recruiting
We make recruiting easy; we identify and pre-screen the best students. You only need to conduct final round interviews.


We create learning communities between our students and our corporate partners. And everybody wins.

Local Innovation
Get a ground floor view of local innovation. Understand how new entrants and regulations are shaping the market.
Get introduced to start-ups
Meet local start-ups: we can help arrange meetings with founders and conduct diligence so that you meet only the most relevant ones to your business strategy.
Exchange views with your futur disruptors
Students are your next employees and will also lead the companies that will disrupt your industry. Get connected to them.

Our themes

  • Electric car 
  • Digital car
  • Autonomous vehicle
The city
  • Smart cities
  • Smart house
  • The modern consumer
Sustainable energy
  • Storage
  • Distributed energy
  • Renewable energy
  • AI
  • Blockchain
  • Biotech
Global economy
  • Education 2.0
  • Jobs and AI
  • Innovation in government