You are an innovative and growing start-up, work with ShARE students to get market insights and take your business to the next level

As part of their leadership programme, ShARE students have to work with a start-up during a period of 4 weeks. A great learning opportunity for you and the students.
Expand abroad
  • Explore new markets
  • Check competition
  • Identify new partners
Improve your solutions
  • Compare your products with competition
  • Survey your customers
  • Develop new features
Improve your business model
  • Review your pricing
  • Import new business models
Raise funds
  • Identify investors
  • Fine tune your business plan
How it works
ShARE will compose a team of 4 students who will work about 10 hours per week for a period of 4 weeks. 
Your time commitment
Your start-up assigns a coordinator who will spend 2 hours per week to guide the students. Kick-off and final meeting will have to be attended by the CEO.
You define a problem statement and a detailed scope of work. It has be feasible within 4 weeks and requires consulting skills to be solved. The students will deliver a consulting deck at the end of the project. Note that it is not a data crunching and a pair of free-hands to do anything. It is a learning experience for the students to practice his/her consulting skills.
Depending on the nature of the project, you might get the students sign a NDA whenever necessary. ShARE does not intervene and the relationship is between you and the students.
Work location
The students work from their campus although they should come at least once to visit you. We would expect a final meeting with the CEO, where the CEO will take time to share his/her journey as a start-upper.
This is a learning experience for the students and which is part of their leadership programme. It is free for you and we just expect great learning will take place both sides. If you think the students have done a great job, you can also sponsor them to attend ShARE annual global seminar.
“I have worked with 4 students from ShARE from the Addis Ababa University in Ethiopia on a project for my start-up. Over a period of 6 weeks, the team helped us identify new business opportunities with salesforce, including conducting desktop research, gathering first hand market information and conducting interviews.


In the beginning I was quite uncertain what kind of quality of work to expect from these young students, but the experience was highly positive and far above my initial expectations. The ShARE students were well trained on basic consulting skills, very committed to the work and brought a lot of fresh ideas to the project.


The final summary report was presented to myself and one of our shareholders (each of us with McKinsey experience of 8 and 20 years respectively), and resulted in a highly informative session and raving feedback!"
Marie Nielsen, Founder, Penda

Requirement to apply

Innovative start-up in the field of 

  • mobility
  • sustainable energy
  • AI
  • blockchain
  • biotech
  • smart home & smart cities
  • e-commerce

Proven concept with at least 5 employees

Revenue less than $1m or funding less than $1m

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