Doing well for yourself or doing good for the society should not be a choice.

We believe that companies can both serve the shareholders and the society.

We believe that one can have a well remunerated career and still make the society progress.


Our mission

Our mission is to change the economy paradigm of our current society where doing well and doing good can be done at the same time.

We implement our mission on two fronts:

  1. We work with students to grow them into highly skilled leaders who can have a personal for the society.
  2. We work with corporates to help their business achieve their societal transformation.


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ShARE offers a 2 year leadership programme of excellence to bright students from top universities across the world who follow it in parallel to their academic curriculum. The programme is part-time, free, very selective, and global.

Its main objective is to turn students into Do Well Do Good leaders.

ShARE helps clients to identify good growth opportunities, grow and attract talents, and work hand-in-hand to help companies achieve their societal transformation.