5000 students registered in 3 days. We decided to open to 10 000 students.



Covid-19 has led to an unprecedented health crisis across the globe. It has also triggered an economic crisis never seen in the past 4 decades. The IMF has projected global growth in 2020 to fall to -3% & -1,6% for Africa.

The African economy will be severely impacted. Globalisation will slow down leading to less investment and trade.  More than ever Africa will need its youth to build its future.

ShARE will adapt its  2-year Leadership Programme of Excellence to craft a 5-week leadership programme offered for free to 1 000 10 000 African University students and young professionals to sharpen their corporate skills and help them to get ready for the corporate world thereby helping build tomorrow’s African economy.

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Time commitment

You need to spend about 10 hours per week from 22nd June to 31st July.  2-3 hours of webinars per week, 1-2 hours of on-line training and about 5-6 hours on practice on a case.


You need be between 18 years and 30 years old, either an university student or a young professional graduated from a university in Africa. We will select the first 500 male students and 500 female students based who registered


You will receive a weekly email with the programme of the week. It will typically contain a link to on-line training, files and instruction to conduct the 4 week cases, and up-coming webinars. Whatsapp groups will be created so you can interact with other participants and trainers.


ShARE will deliver certificate to the top 50 students and whose grade is above 70% on the case.


The training will be mainly delivered by the ShARE team composed of consultants from tier 1 consulting firms.

Sebastien Frendo         
Partner, Executive Director

  • Former director of strategy at TBI
  • Former consultant at BCG

Suhas Anand         
Partner, Head of India

  • Former Associate Principal at McKinsey
  • Graduated from IIM-A

Peter Konincks        
Partner, Paris

  • Former Vice President at Alstom
  • Former manager at Bain

Hind Guedira         
Project lead, Paris

  • Former director at Louvre Hotel
  • Former consultant at Bain
  • Graduated from HEC

Louis-Antoine Lauvergne         
Project lead, Paris

  • Former director at Lafarge
  • Former consultant at Bain
  • Graduated from HEC

Joel Burgos         
Project lead, Paris

  • Former director of strategy at Lexis Nexis
  • Former consultant at McKinsey
  • Graduated from Harvard and Berkeley

Cecile Maurisset         
Project lead, Paris

  • Former consultant at McKinsey
  • Graduated from Ponts et Chaussée, and Berkeley

Nishanth Parlapalli         
Project lead, Bengaluru

  • Former consultant at BCG
  • Graduated from IIM-A and IIT-B

Elena Kodey         
Head of leadership development, Boston

  • Former executive coach at Harvard Business School



We will share the concept and the methodology that top consulting firms use to break down problems.


We will share the concept and the methodology that top consulting firms use to make slides.


We will share techniques on how to present slides and a deck.


We will share some knowledge about entrepreneurship and most importantly we will ask a few entrepreneurs from the continent to share their journey.


We will share 2 sessions to carve your own leadership style and organise a few sessions with business leaders.


We will explain to you the concept of Do Well Do Good ("doing well for yourself and doing good for the society are compatible").


Finally, we will help you to get ready for the job market. We will share a template to write a clear CV, and share some tips on how maximise your chance during an interview.


While you will receive training through ShARE online platform and the webinars, the best way to learn is to practice the skills on a case. The topics of the case will be given by partners of the program.

Week 1

Break down the case using the skills your learnt on problem solving.

Week 2

Start making your first analysis and your first 4 slides.

Week 3

Line your story and prepare for the final presentation.

Week 4

Finalise your presentation. Top 10 presentations will be selected and top 3 will be present to the partner of the programme.



Please read the programme and the privacy policy below you officially register. Registrations are now closed. If you have registered, comply with eligibility criteria and yet have not received the credentials to start, you can write to Check also your spam folder.




  1. The content of the programme is the exclusive property of ShARE and can't copied or extracted to be shared outside this specific initiative.
  2. This programme is ONLY open to African students and young professionals residing and studying in Africa.
  3. Participant who make comments on Whatsapp groups which are judged to be racist, insulting, or political will be excluded  from the programme.
  4. We won't be able to correct all cases in detail, only top 100 cases will receive a grade. We will however provide corrections on a weekly basis.


  • The details are described in the document below

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