We help companies and institutions to strike the right balance between "Do Well" and "Do Good"


What we do

We help clients change their paradigms: in addition to serving their shareholders, we help them shift to a model putting service to society at its core.

We worked with CEOs and C-level executives of large caps to deliver these transformations, as well as with senior members of governments and international organisations

Good growth    

Unless you are a family business, the only way to convince your shareholders to operate a societal transformation is to offset the loss of revenues from activities which are not aligned with your role in the society with good growth products - which are good for the company and good for the society.

ShARE can help you reshape your portfolio and develop:

  • New products or services
  • New business models
  • New markets 

Do well do good transformation 

This is ShARE's flagship solution that can help you define the value proposition of your company to the society, reshape pour product and service portfolio, redesign your internal process and accompany you in the long journey of transformation.

  • "Do Well Do Good" diagnostic
  • Define your value proposition to the society
  • Reshape your portfolio
  • Identify good growth
  • Transform

Operating model

We involve a mix of well trained consultants with bright students from the ShARE leadership programmes.

Our consultants were all trained in Tier 1 firms (McKinsey, Bain&Company, The Boston Consulting Group) and work with junior and senior analysts within our Paris, Lomé and Bengaluru offices. They can also leverage a network of students active in 49 countries to project ShARE across the world when the need arises.

Traditional consulting team

ShARE consulting team

What we keep

Rigor and quality – Our project managers and partners are all former consultants from tier-1 firms

Impact – Our clients are senior executives of multi-national companies

Confidentiality – We apply same level of confidentiality and anonymize projects for students

What makes us different

Team structure – Junior analysts are mostly ShARE students, supervised by senior team

Focus We partner with clients that share our do well do good philosophy on Good Growth topics (good for the society, good for the company)

Revenue model – Consulting work finances education work



We work on sectors and companies which can advance the society.

Smart living
Smart city, sustainable consumption, financial services, education, ...  

Sustainable energy
Renewable energy, smart grid, off-grid, storage, distributed system,....

New mobility
Electrification smart logistics, autonomous vehicle, MaaS,...

Responsible industry
Sustainable materials, Infrastructure, Construction, Technology,...

Public sector
Infrastructure development, agriculture policies, education policies,...

Technology for society
Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Blockchains...