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University Students Worldwide


Do Well Do Good

Future Leaders Programme


Our Mission

ShARE's mission is to grow students into Do Well Do Good leaders.

 The DWDG Future Leaders Programme is a unique leadership programme for university students worldwide to turn bright university students into Do Well Do Good leaders.

ShARE students go through a series of intensive training, workshops, debates and discussions whereby they imbibe the corporate and leadership skills along with applying them on real projects with clients and deep diving into issues of societal importance through our 5 expert networks, namely Purpose-led, Climate, Circular Economy, Inclusive Job and Inclusive Product.

Currently, we are present across 95+ Universities in over 40+ countries, and want to expand our reach to universities worldwide. Join us to explore a new dimension of leadership to accelerate solutions to major societal issues such as inequalities, climate change, poverty and biodiversity.

To know more about the programme 

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The programme is delivered based on the below four dimensions:



The programme encompasses 4 modules that help students to improve their ability to take initiatives and develop an entrepreneurial spirit. Students have the opportunity to lead a team, lead projects, manage client relationships and mentor to carve their leadership style. 

Corporate skills

Students start the programme by undergoing a series of training that helps them build and strengthen the skills of problem solving, critical thinking, research, presentation and communication. Students also regularly involve in inter-university case competitions, debates, discussions and global start-up projects.


Openness to the world

DWDG FL programme has over 2500 students who are globally connected through our platforms that helps them to learn how to work across borders, appreciate and embrace cultural differences and share knowledge on global problems. 

Do Well Do Good

Students break down the concept by understanding the DWDG criteria’s and how it applies to companies, society and businesses. Throughout all modules the core is to apply the DWDG principles and leadership thereby solving major societal issues by coming together.

Learning methodology 

 Our curriculum is delivered through 4 modules- 3 modules as a junior member and 1 module as a senior member. The programme learning methodology is based on 3 pillars:

Learning by Collaboration

All students on the programme are expected to come together for a weekly meeting on campus. As they progress through the programme collaborating on presentations, giving and receiving constructive feedback to improve work quality, events and cross-sharing between universities.


Learning by Doing

Students begin the programme by dividing themselves into 5 groups based on the 5 expertise networks. All our modules have mandatory assignments. Students spend more than 60% of their time on real projects so they can sharpen their skills through practice.


Learning by Teaching

Senior students, become mentors to the junior students and help them move through the modules, conduct weekly meetings, go through our advanced training exclusively for seniors, provide juniors feedback on their assignments. 


Programme Overview

The DWDG FL programme is a 22 weeks training curriculum that comprises of:

Juniors- 12 weeks (3 mandatory training modules to be completed along with 4 assignments)

Seniors- 10 weeks (1 mandatory training module to be completed along with recruiting the next batch, mentoring and coaching the juniors, finding and acting as project managers for the start-up) 

If it is a new team where there are no seniors as students are starting the programme for the first time on campus, then the core team members will have to take on additional role and responsibility to act like a senior member. 

DWDG FL programme curriculum is adjusted to the local context to ensure students can balance their time between the programme and their academic curriculum. At the start of the programme, a calendar is prepared to lay out the schedule of all the modules throughout a span of 6 months-1 year as convenient for each team. 


All students interested must come together and form a core team first. Only a core team comprising at least 7-10 members will be eligible to apply. Currently, we are not accepting any individual requests. Please send us your expression of interest by filling in the form HERE. Once we receive your request the team will get in touch with you to provide further details. 


The selection will be conducted by the core team or senior members on campus. An application and interview pack will be shared to help the core team or seniors to conduct the interviews. Please note that all students have to go through an intensive recruitment process to be selected for the programme as we are looking for only committed and dedicated students to value our mission of DWDG.


We expect all DWDG Future Leaders to dedicate about 3 hours weekly during the 12 weeks. A senior member will also have to spend approx. 1.5 hours weekly during the 10 weeks.

A student spends about 1 hour on e-learning, 1 hour working on the assignments and 1 hour to attend the weekly meeting on campus. 


Students cannot join the programme on their own, they join as team of 20-40 members who can come together for the training and projects. ShARE students come together to form a Chapter and is self-driven to complete the trainings, timely submit assignments, work on start-up projects and collaborate with students worldwide to make use of the network. 

A university cannot have more than one ShARE student Chapter. If your university is not yet part of the current list of teams please do fill in the EOI form. If there is already a ShARE Chapter at your University, you are encouraged to participate with the existing Chapter. 

  Even if you do not have a full team yet, get in touch with us (newteam@share-share.org) and we will send you the materials and advice you on how to get more students interested in the programme.


Regarding Recruitment:

What will happen after I fill in the EOI?

The Team development Manager (TDM) will review your EOI to ensure that it meets the necessary criteria and requirements.

How much time will it take for the DWDG team to revert to my EOI request?

Once we review your application, a staff member will contact you within 5-7 business days.

Will I be able to speak to someone or email if I have more questions around recruitment?

Yes, a Team Development Manager will be assigned to help you throughout the recruitment process. You can also send in your queries to newteam@share-shera.org.

When will I receive the application pack?

Once you receive a response from the Team Development Manager, you will be granted access to the Google Classroom. This platform will serve as a central hub for all the essential recruitment materials required for your campus recruitment activities.

Can I use our university format to conduct interviews or GD?

Yes, you can certainly adapt and use your university's preferred format for conducting interviews or Group Discussions (GD) during the recruitment process. The goal is to create an effective and professional recruitment experience for candidates while meeting the ShARE’s requirements.

Regarding Certificates:

Will the programme cost me to participate?

The DWDG FL programme is offered for free, however the certificates are paid. Only after students have completed all the 4 modules on the programme and have successfully recruited the next team they are eligible to apply for certification. Students who wish to receive a certificate will have to pay 160 euros. However, if the students find a start-up organisation that is willing to cover the cost of student certification which simply means if the start-up pays us then the student does not have to pay for the certificates. Students receive them for free.

Will I have to pay for my certificate if I do not find a start-up that covers my cost?

Yes, that’s right if you are unable to find a project then you may continue the programme and upon successful completion pay for your certificate.

Will I get a certificate if I complete the junior modules and do not want to continue as a senior member?

No, you will only receive a certificate after completing all the 4 modules.

Regarding the Programme:

Are the trainings live?

We have a set of trainings which students have to go through that will be shared on our platform. However, during the course of the programme there are several live webinars, speaker sessions, networking events, leadership sessions.

Is there any particular software required to access the trainings or the programme curriculum?

Yes, you will need 3 important things before starting the programme:

  • every student must create or have a Gmail account as use Google Classroom.
  • every student must download SLACK.
  • every student must have access to Zoom.

Will the programme overlap with my academic courses? 

No, at the start of the programme a calendar will be set as agreed with the core team and other members to ensure that all modules take place at a considerable time.

Is it compulsory to attend weekly meetings on campus? What if I have a class during that time?

Weekly meetings are mandatory, they are scheduled by the President after discussion of a suitable time with all team members. However, if you have a clash please inform your President.

Will the 12 weeks happen back to back?

No, it is spread across 6 months to 1 year depending on the student’s availability. 

Are the assignment submissions compulsory?

Yes, it is mandatory for you to complete atleast 4 assignments as a junior member to progress through the modules.

If I do not find a start-up that covers the cost of the programme then can I still do a start-up project?

Yes, you can still do a project however you will have to pay for the certificate.

Is I-Batch still available? (International batch which helps students work on a project in an international group)

Yes, it will be available however it is paid for all new students and teams.

Are there other things that are paid on the programme?

Yes, we will introduce shortly other trainings and activities that will provide students advance DWDG trainings and exposure which will be paid. However, the modules will remain the same.

Do all senior members have a role to play on the programme?

Yes, every senior member must also be associated with an expertise network and mentor, coach and assist juniors through the programme. Most importantly help find good start-up projects to work on.

Regarding Community:

Will I have access to the Global team or consulting team?

The global team will be a part of the SLACK platform and will have regular updates from our student community.

How will I interact with the DWDG Future Leaders international community?

All our students will be able to connect, collaborate, learn and share through our SLACK platform that brings everyone together.

Will I have access to the alumni community?

Yes, once you successfully complete all the modules you will have access to the alumni groups and network. Our alumni community has over 3000+ students and we are expanding every year and we have great opportunities and events for our alumni.