The Do Well Do Good Programme (DWDG)

The Do Well Do Good programme is offered globally at no cost to any university student who is committed to build a more inclusive and sustainable society. 

Today, 2791 students from 114 top universities and 47 countries are following the DWDG programme.

Here are all our ShARE Chapters

The 4 Pillars

Corporate skills   

ShARE students acquire top corporate skills through training, projects with start-ups, and real-life projects


Openness to the world

ShARE students learn how to work across borders, appreciate and embrace cultural differences.



Students lead teams, lead projects, take initiatives and get coached to carve their leadership style.


Do Well Do Good

Students collaborate on solving major societal issues and on cases to transform companies into “Do Well Do Good".


Teaching Methods

The pedagogy in ShARE is similar to the one in the corporate world and complementary to the academic world.

Learning together

Students are grouped into teams of 5 : groups compete and students grade is made of 50% of their own grade and 50% of their team grade

Learning by doing

Students spend more than 60% of their time on real projects so they can sharpen their skills through practice

Learning by teaching

2nd year students become teachers of the first year students : this is the best way to ensure concept and skills have been fully acquired

Programme Modules

The programme has various modules and runs over few weeks. It is adjusted to local context to ensure students can balance their time between the programme and their academic curriculum.

During a typical week, a student will spend 2-3 hours on e-learning,  4-5 hours on assignments, and 2 hours in local team meetings.

Module 1 - 4 weeks

"First Consulting Presentation "
Apply basic consulting skills into an simple issue

Module 2 - 8 weeks

"Start-up project "
Apply your consulting skills on a Do Well Do Good start-up

Module 3 - 5 weeks

"I-batch "
Work with students from 4 different countries on a Do Well Do Good case

Module 4 - 4 weeks

"NGO Project "- Engaging with an education/recycling organisation

Module 5 - 4 weeks

"DWDG Transformation Case From a Corporate Partner"