Do Well Do Good

This is the core of ShARE. We bring it in anything that students do in ShARE - projects, skill development, campus activities. In addition, we made it a pillar on its own to ensure the concept is well understood by the ShARE students. 

Do Well Do Good is simple to understand at the high-level, but it becomes more complex when it is being applied to concrete projects. The ShARE students go through the same Do Well Do Good framework we developed for companies and that we apply to our clients. They will apply it to NGO and even to crafting their future career.

Do Well Do Good

for a company

Do Well Do Good

for an individual

Do Well Do Good

for a NGO

The approach

We use the typical case methods to let students grasp and apply the concept of Do Well Do Good. For example, we ask them to think of how they will turn a soda or a social media company into Do Well Do Good company. What business and practices, they should stop, what "good growth" business they should launch to compensate the loss of revenue. We also ask them to look for local examples of Do Well Do Good companies in their countries.

The impact and the student journey

Our mission in ShARE is to grow Do Well Do Good leaders. Through the ShARE programme, they get top corporate skills and a highly valuable network across the world. We also hope to have planted a "Do Well Do Good" seed which will grow over time. We understand that given the lack of Do Well Do Good players today (that is changing slowly though), students will choose more traditional companies as they start their career and even choose companies that offer them the best learning environment. We are comfortable with this. We are placing a bet on them when they will be in a position of leadership, 10 to 20 years after they finish the ShARE programme and we hope that the little seed will have grown into a robust and well-rooted tree by then.

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