Good growth

We help our clients to identify opportunities which are good for the company and good for the society. Identifying those opportunities are essential for a societal transformation. Because the company may have to drop some businesses in the process of this transformation, it is critical that the value created through good growth opportunities more than compensates for this. 

New geographies

We help our clients address new markets, understand the local consumers, local constraints and regulatory landscape, trends and competition.

New products

We help our clients define product strategy for new products or services in a market that they do not know in-depth. We assess the societal impact and the risks that those products/services can have, thereby helping craft mitigating strategies. 

New business models

We assist our clients to craft and refine new business models - new ways of selling a product / service, new operating models, new ways of pricing.

Our approach

In addition to the traditional consulting approach - analysis of internal and external factors to strategy formulation and implementation - we also incorporate the inputs of ShARE students, especially when it comes to defining the “future” of the company– purpose, product portfolio, HR processes ...and we do that by working hand-in-hand with our client's teams.


  - Capabilities
  - Constraints
  - Means & resources

  - Market sizing & dynamics
  - Customer expectations and buying behavior
  - Competitor insights, strategy and tactics
  - Regulatory framework
  - Supply Chain analysis

 - Surveys, focus group discussions
 - Joint-workshops with executives to define the future of the company

New Business Models
 - Capture digital & agile opportunities
 - Seize data-driven strategies
 - Learn from best-practices

New Products and Services
 - Drive innovation (internal or through partnerships)
 - Acquisition targets screening

New Markets and Geographies
 - Which markets to enter and how to succeed
 - How to position for sustainable growth and profitability
 - How to differentiate and capture value

Performance of existing business
 - Re-define your value proposition
 - Re-positioning products & services
 - Optimize operations and processes

New ways of working


 - Acquisition targets screening
 - Partnerships
 - Implementation planning / action plan
 - Resources engagement
 - Dashboard development
 - Program Management Office (PMO)


We have worked on more than 100+ "good growth" projects across 10 countries

Sustainable glue in the US
for a tyre company

  • Market assessment for a new industry application
  • Go-to-market strategy

Air quality in INDIA
for automotive company

  • Market segmentation
  • Competition analysis
  • Go-to-market strategy

EdTech target in Ethiopia
For a foundation

  • Education market players
  • Government regulations
  • Target identification

Rural electrification in AFRICA
for a global energy company

  • Market potential
  • New business models
  • Positionning

 Manufacturing 4.0 in INDIA
for a global automotive company

  • AI local Ecosystem mapping
  • Machine learning to detect defaults in the manufacturing line

Digital building in EUROPE
for a global construction company

  • Impact on value chain
  • New business models
  • Growth opportunities

IoT in buildings in US and Europe
for a global construction company

  • IoT use cases
  • Technology
  • Business models

Mini-grids in INDONESIA
for a global energy company

  • Market potential
  • Government regulation
  • Go-to-market strategy

Electric car in INDIA
for a global automotive company

  • Innovation networks
  • R&D players
  • Target identification

Open innovation in West Africa
for a global institution

  • Mapping of players
  • Government regulation
  • Policy advice

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