2002 - Creation of ShARE as a think tank for students

ShARE was founded by Sebastien Frendo in China in 2002 when he was an exchange student. ShARE was initially a group of young French people in Shanghai who decided to meet every week and exchange their knowledge about Chinese economy.

As members of this group was about to leave Shanghai and return to France, the model evolved and became a student think tank - which expanded over time across more than 10 countries and gather a few of hundred students.


" After 10+ years of professional career, I was frustrated to always have to make a choice between Doing Well or Doing Good. We should able to do both.

That's why I set up ShARE - to try to change the paradigm of our economic system by growing Do Well Do Good leaders."

Sebastien Frendo, ShARE founder

2017- ShARE deploys a new business model merging consulting and education

Ran as a hobby since 2002, Sebastien made ShARE his job in 2017. During his career as consultant for the private and public sector, two dilemmas always frustrated him. First, how come today we still have large global issues when mankind has all resources and tools to solve them ? Second, why do we always have to choose between ourselves and others ? Can't we have a striving career while making the society progress ?

That is why he set up ShARE in its new shape - a place to grow leaders who will Do Well and Do Good, and a place to advise companies achieve their societal transformation. By combining the two, a new operating model of doing education and consulting emerged.

With the combination of these two activities, ShARE can grow both future and current Do Well Do Good leaders.

Consulting is built in synergy with education: Seasoned-consultants train students 10% of their time, students practice their technical skills within « real life » cases, consulting clients open to the new generation thanks to the network of students, etc.


In 2021, ShARE starts to scale-up its model


DoWell Do Good free education programs are deployed throughout the world in 50 countries for 2500 students. Customized education programs, with an increased level of selection and reinforcing Do Well Do Good content are developped to talented women in Africa and prepare for top jobs in the private sector and the administration

Such programs started in Togo to grow Do Well Do Good government executives, and Do Well Do Good young female students and are now being deployed in other African countries.

Customized education programs are also being launched in France for talents coming from underprivileged background.


Consulting growth is led by a senior team composed of ex McKinsey, BCG and Bain who bring the quality and rigor expected from a tier1 consulting firm and are driven by a common passion for societal and environmental transformation.

The network of 2,500 students in 50 countries bring the consulting activity both a global reach and an openness to the next generation of leaders.

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