Our model

ShARE is an innovative start-up at the crossroad of education and consulting and which offers a leadership programme to university students to supplement their academic curriculum, and offers corporates a new way to do consulting, build innovation ecosystems and access top talent.



The "do well do good" vision at the core

Today, bright students from top universities have to choose between a “do well” career (i.e. the corporate world) and a “do good” career (i.e. the NGO world). We believe that this dual framework is not effective anymore and a new generation of leaders is needed to face the 21st century's most pressing challenges. That’s why ShARE exists-  to create a new generation of leaders who will do well for themselves and do good for the world.



"Do well, do good ...the only way to make change today"

Tony Blair - Global mentor of ShARE

A "societal" company

ShARE is set up as company, but owned by a foundation whose main objective is to reduce inequality. 



ShARE offers a world-class leadership programme to 700 bright students from over 30 top universities across 15 countries. The programme lasts two years and requires a 10-hour per week commitment from students .
The programme has 4 pillars – acquisition of corporate skills, openness to the world, exposure to society and leadership. The pedagogy follows 3 principles: learning together, learning by teaching and learning by doing.

1000 students

15 countries

44 campuses

3000 alumni



ShARE's consulting arm is modelled as a strategic consulting firm with seasoned consultants coming from McKinsey, BCG and Bain. The main difference is that our analyst layer is composed of the students who receive extensive training– giving ShARE a cost competitive advantage as well as global reach.
In addition to consulting, corporates see in ShARE a way to recruit bright students through a single window and an opportunity to access the innovation ecosystem of the universities where ShARE is present.

Other partners

The ShARE students in the first year of the programme have to work on one consulting project with a start-up and one project with an NGO. This is a great opportunity to practice their skills and discover a new world. For the start-up and the NGO, it is a great opportunity to work with bright students at no cost and solve a strategic case. Check out more below.