It is a new concept and it aims at boosting the connectivity across our teams and further challenge our students to sharpen their skills.

Learn how to work globally
I-Batch are composed of 5-6 members from different campuses and different countries. They have tight deadlines to crack a difficult consulting case. They work remotely, connect through SKYPE or WHATSAPP. They overcome communication problems and pull the best from each other.
Sharpen your consulting skills
The I-Batch programme is designed like a global consulting case. Members will start problem-solve using methodologies from top consulting firms. They will then go on a 20 slide story to crack the case and the 3 I-batch finalists will be coached by an experienced consultant from McKinsey, BCG or Bain.
Make long lasting friends
Not but not least, the I-Btach programme is also designed for the members to make connections and friends around the globe. After all, the world is now very small and companies work globally.


60 students

12 i-batchs

10 campuses

7 countries


Hard-work for 4 month, but a lot of learning and a lot of fun too


Check out the "i-batch introduction" video we received so far. They are pretty amazing !!!