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ShARE’s objective is to develop a new generation of leaders who will do well & good. We want our students to inspire others, lead change and have a greater impact than just themself.

The best way to learn leadership is to practice it.  ShARE students can test their leadership styles in many ways in ShARE. They can lead teams, they can lead projects, they can teach or interact with business and political leaders.

We also provide them sessions to reflect on their styles. What drives them, what stops them, how they ccan build trust and how they start their leadership modules.

Lead a team

Lead a project


Interact with world leaders


"I have been an executive ta Harvard Business School and coached 100s of executives. I feel I have a lot of impact when I coach those bright students who have a potential to shape a more inclusive and sustainable world"

Elena, head of leadership development at ShARE

The leadership journey

Very often, leadership development is taught in executive positions where someone has accumulated a lot of experience. In ShARE, we think some key notions could be introduced earlier on. This offers an opportunity to think deeply on what kind of  career they want to follow, and what kinf of impact they can bring to the world.

While practising leadership take place throughout the modules of ShARE, the leadership sessions are offered in Module 6 by our Head of Leadership, Elena Kodey.


Marcel, student from Cambridge, led the ShARE team in Cambridge and organised ShARE annual events in the UK.

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