Our mission

The problem

Prosperity has advanced tremendously over the past decades and lifted billions people out of poverty, but more needs to be done. ~1 billion people still live with less than $2 per day. Even in developed countries the number of people living in poverty is increasing. At the same time, sustainability issues have not been sufficiently taken into account leading to us now facing the massive negative impacts of climate change on our planet. 

Yet the world has everything today – technology, expertise and capital – to be free of poverty and tackle sustainability issues. At ShARE we believe that this situation can change if a new generation of leaders emerges.

The academic programs of best universities aim at developing corporate leaders. Their curriculum is based on the axiom that the role of a company is to maximize profit and returns to shareholders and by doing so to have a positive impact on the society. This axiom has proven to be effective to advance prosperity globally. But the society also recognizes its limits as inequality has increased and sustainability neglected. A dual world emerged, a world of doing well, “the corporate world”, and a world of doing good, “the world of NGO, CSR and social enterprises”.

Our belief is that this dichotomy is not effective. First because the corporate world is immensely more powerful than the world of NGOs and social enterprises. Second because it gives a normative framework for corporate leaders to mainly do well for themselves without much preoccupation for doing good, since the world of NGOs and social enterprises will take care of doing good.  Third, we also believe that many people of the corporate world would love to do good but are fearful of compromising their career and income by joining the second world. This leads to a big lost opportunity for “doing-good agents”.

Our proposed solution

ShARE believes that doing well and doing good is compatible and will be a major lever to shape a society that provides opportunities for all people. Not only is it a great opportunity for the society, but it is also a great opportunity for companies who can give a sense of purpose to their employees and boost their productivity.
We also recognize that a new world is emerging - shaped by emerging giants like China and India and by massive and swift changes in technology. This new world – where ShARE was born- is an opportunity to create this new generation of leaders.

ShARE’s mission is to reconcile the Do Well world and the Do good world. We do this first by working together with a network of the best universities worldwide to develop a new generation of global leaders who will do well and do good. By becoming the leaders of major economic agents of the society this new breed of leaders will embed in corporates a genuine intent to make the society progress. We also do this by helping companies to achieve their societal transformation - or in other words helping companies do well and good!

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