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The DWDG program is offered to students who have the potential to shape a more sustainable and inclusive world. It is a part-time  programme offered at no cost to university students in parallel to their curriculum. The programme is a blended programme  (online and offline learning) , runs over 20 weeks and it is adjusted to local context to ensure students can balance their time between the programme and their academic curriculum. Students can't join the programme on their own, they join in teams. Today, 2400+ students from 100+ top universities and 50+ countries are following the ShARE programme.


The programme is structured to improve the students’ ability to take initiatives and develop an entrepreneurial spirit. Students lead teams, lead projects, take initiatives and get coached to carve their leadership style.

Corporate skills

ShARE students acquire top corporate skills through training, projects with start-ups, case competitions.



Openness to the world

ShARE students learn how to work across borders, appreciate and embrace cultural differences.


Do well do good

Students collaborate on solving major societal issues and on cases to transform companies into “Do Well Do Good".



Pedagogy is complementary to an academic curriculum. ShARE's pedagogy is based on 3 axes: learning by doing, emulation learning and learning by teaching.


Learning by doing

Students spend more than 60% of their time on real projects so they can sharpen their skills through practice.


Emulation learning

Students are grouped into teams and they worked together.


Learning by leading

Senior students become mentors of the junior students: this is the best way to ensure  skills have been fully acquired.


Programme overview and commitment

The programme runs over 20 weeks and it is adjusted to local context to ensure students can balance their time between the programme and their academic curriculum.

During a typical week, a student will spend 2 hours on e-learning, 3 hours on assignments and 1 hour in local team meetings.

Requirements and selection process

Candidates must be students of AAU School of Commerce and be enrolled during the academic year 2023-2024.

The selection will be done by a 2-step process in which candidates will have to apply to the programme and take an analytical test followed by an interview with the ShARE senior member.



To apply to the programme, you must register here by completing the form . Click here to access the form.

Instructions for filling the form:

The form  will take up to 40 minutes to complete and it has 3 parts. Please fill in the form only when you have enough time to complete the form. Each part of the form carries a different weightage. 

Part 1  - Why ShARE - Prepare a small paragraph on why you want to join ShARE.(20%) max. Time suggested for this section is 10 min.
Part 2  - Analytical test - No preparation required, just speed (60%) max. 20 questions to be completed in 20 min.
Part 3 - Do Well Do Good - Do a case on Do Well Do Good. (20%) max. Time suggested for this section is 10 min.

If you are selected you will be invited for a group interaction with a senior ShARE staff.


Will the programme cost me anything?

The programme is free of charge and it is a supplement to the academic curriculum of AAU School of Commerce students.

Will the programme overlap with my courses? 

The programme covers the basic knowledge of corporate skills required to become a successful leader. It is also very practical and hands-on. 

Will I get any certification from the programme? 

The programme offers a certification of completion at the end of the second year. Students will also join the Alumni community.

How will I interact with the ShARE international community?

The programme provides an opportunity to the students to participate in competitions  and case studies with other international students.

Will the programme interfere with my academic obligations?

The ShARE programme is tailor-made to fit into the AAU School of Commerce calendar and it will not interfere with exams or internships. 


ShARE is an innovative start-up at the crossroad of education and consulting and which offers a leadership programme to university students to supplement their academic curriculum, and offers corporates a new way to do consulting, build innovation ecosystems and access top talent.

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