Talent solutions

Achieving societal transformation is a hard journey. It will require bold moves from the top management. It makes doing business more complex and requires new skills. Your people are the key in making this transition successful.

Develop your talents

We have developed specialised training and leadership programmes targeted for high potential mid-level managers and senior executives. The primary focus of all our training is "learning by doing" - the most efficient route for adult learning.  

Strategic skills development
For high potential mid-level managers

We develop customised up-skilling programme focused on skills required for top managers to think strategically. This includes: problem solving, effective communication and leadership development

Training is delivered by our team of highly experienced partners and consultants, who are all from Tier-1 strategy firms. They bring both passion and multi-year experience of training corporate leaders.  

Leadership workshops
For senior executives

We create tailor-made programmes to help leaders adapt to the new economic paradigm. We help senior leaders meet with our students through multiple Idea Exchange Forums so they understand the demands and aspirations from the future stakeholders of your business - employees, customers and citizens.

This can take the form of full day workshops or multiple sessions over few months. 

Strengthen your employer brand globally

We have developed a unique way to reach out to top university students through our network across 50 top universities. It is digital, agile, and local. Our corporate partners co-create virtual universities with us, address students not as an employer alone but also as a "teacher".

We not only reach our pool of 1000+ selected students but leverage our local networks to reach up to 200,000 students worldwide.

You will save time, money and have greater results. Get in touch to know more.

Hire young talent 

With ShARE, you can hire talent from 50+ top universities. And before you hire them, you can test them on real life project with ShARE. In addition to academic credentials, this can let you know how your potential candidate performs across different skills such as problem solving, communication, analytics, project management - skills that are tested on the ShARE programme.

You will hire highly skilled talent ; talent that is committed to build a more inclusive and sustainable world.


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