ShARE-UNICAMP recruitment

We are very happy that you are interested in joining the ShARE leadership programme! 🙂 You can apply until February 27. But before you apply, check that ShARE is done for you as the programme is very intense.

Before you apply

You should acknowledge that

- ShARE provides a leadership programme to turn high-potential leaders into Do Well Do Good leaders.
- The programme takes about 10 hours of week commitment for a period of 20 weeks every year
- That the programme takes 2 years to complete
- And that you need to finish it to have the alumni status
- We expect you to take a lot initiatives (you are also in the kitchen :))

See more about the programme here. So in short, it needs a very high commitment 🙂

Recruitment process

There are 5 steps.

Step 1 - register and send your CV why you want to apply
Step 2 - if you are selected you are invited to an analytical test
Step 3 - If you pass, you will have a group interview followed by an individual interview

It takes time but we want to ensure we are able to spot exceptional leaders!