Learn top corporate skills by practising them on real projects

Corporate skills

Our students have access to 50 corporate trainings created and delivered by former Tier 1 consultants and our experts.

They access the on-line training through our platform. Our team of consultants deliver weekly webinars to give an opportunity for the students to ask questions and exchange.


Problem solving

Slide making


Project mgmt

Critical thinking


Business analytics

Real projects

Once the students are trained on the concepts, they practice their skills on real projects with start-up, NGOs and global firms. During the programme, they can work and get coached by former McKinsey and BCG consultants on global client case with MNCs and global institutions. The best way to learn is to learn by doing. The professional consultants provide daily feedback to the students. It is a very efficient way for the students to acquire skills quickly.


Example of projects:

  • Assessed rural electrification and microgrid opportunities in Indonesia
  • Assessed hydroelectric projects opportunities for a large energy company in Asia and Africa
  • Defined strategic roadmap for international expansion of sustainable construction material product line dedicated to hotels in China
  • Identified strategic opportunities linked to development digital building for a global construction group


Sunint, student from IIT-Delhi, worked on two global projects for an automotive company who wanted to increased its R&D capacity in India for it electric car business.

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