DWDG students have to work on a strategy project with a start-up as part of their programme. The objective is to practice the corporate and leadership skills they learn on a concrete project with a client. The project lasts about 6-8 weeks depending on the requirement. The scope of the project is a strategic case and the deliverables are typically a 20 slides presentation with recommendations for the start-up. Students will also conduct a Carbon Footprint and Do Well Do Good assessment for the start-up.




High quality

Students present high quality research and recommendations on the corporate tools, frameworks, methodologies and analysis.

Strategic insights

As a CEO of a start-up, you are focused on short-term operations and don’t always have time to think about tomorrow’s opportunities. This is an opportunity to get strategic insights without getting distracted from operations and prepare your company for the future.




Fresh ideas and fun

 Working with the students is fun! They have a lot of energy, passion and fresh ideas that you can tap into.

Cost of the Project

If you are satisfied with the outcomes of the deliverables you can cover the cost of the certificate for the students by paying only 60 euro per student on the project.  


Go to market

Expand to new geographies; assess market potential and set a market entrance strategy


Benchmark your product with competition; define price strategy.

CO2 emissions reduction

Understand the best levers to reduce carbon emissions for your organisation


Develop your business plan; identify investors; prepare your pitch book.

Sustainable Product Strategy

Develop sustainable products for positive impact creation


Add features to your product; develop new products. Add service to your product.




The DWDG FL student group will be composed of 4-5 students who will  commit to work 4-5 hours per week for a period of 6-8 weeks preferably to research, analyse and prepare a recommendation based on the project requirement.

Throughout the year there is a requirement for client projects as students across 100+ Universities need to find a DWDG start-up. The discussion, guidance and assessment survey will contribute to students learning as well as provide strategic insights for the client. 




  1. A clear and feasible scope - Scope has to be narrow enough to be solved within 6-8 weeks.
  2. Carbon footprint calculation - Start-ups to administer using the DWDG tool to measure their carbon footprint emissions.
  3. DWDG assessment tool - Students initiate a discussion to map the DWDG criterias' on the start-up
  4. One hour per week of coordination– You need to appoint a project coordinator who can help and guide the students during the 6-8 weeks
  5. 4 meetings - The project should have at least 4 meetings virtually. It starts with a kick-off meeting, followed by two review meetings and one final meeting where a senior member should be present.
  6. Feedback at the end of the project - Once the project is completed, you will provide an online feedback for the project to DWDG FL.
  7. Cost to the project - Start-ups pay to cover the cost of the programme to help students receive their certificates for free. 


Established start-up but sill in nascent phase
Your start-up must exist for at least 12 month, have at least 5 employees and not more than 50 employees. The start-up should be in the same country as the students.

Project scope
The project has to be a strategic case: new market, new product, next round of fund raising,...

Fit with our philosophy Do Well Do Good
ShARE students only work with start-ups that believe in our philosophy “do well for yourself do good for the world” – in short start-ups that advance the society.

Fit with our Expertise network
Your start-up can be within the 5 following sectors

  • Purpose Led Company
  • Circular Economy
  • Climate
  • Inclusive Jobs
  • Inclusive Products


Before you register in the form below, you need to agree with the ShARE students on the problem statement. You can't register without the contact of the ShARE students willing to do the project. Once the form filled, you need to receive a confirmation from a ShARE staff that the project can start - which takes typically 5-6 days.

Registration Form: https://forms.gle/q8o285FpSSXisjAr5



Do I remunerate the students ?

Yes, you can cover the cost of the programme for the students by paying 60 euro to us and we shall provide free certificates for the students that has worked on the project. 

If you think the work has added a lot of value to your business, you can sponsor the students to attend ShARE annual global event.

Can I give the students any work ?

You have to give strategic case to the students. You can’t give them an admin or technical work. For example, just compiling a database of customers won’t be eligible for a project.

Can I make the project longer?

Yes you can extend it. It depends on the availability of students and agreed project timeline which is to be discussed with the students at the start.

Will students work in my start-up?

No, students will work remotely from their campus and will spend in average 4-5 hours per week on the case.

Do I need to sign a contract ?

Yes if you are covering the cost for the students then you will have to sign a contract with DWDG.

Do I need to sign anything else with a student too ?

Yes, if you share any confidential information with the students you must sign an independent NDA with students directly. 

How should i get it started ?

You need to fill in the google form and once the registration is approved you may go ahead with the project.


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