ShARE Leadership Programme of Excellence

A programme for exeptional leaders with the potential to do well and good and create a more inclusive and sustainable world




« DO WELL, DO GOOD ...the only way to make change today »

Tony Blair, Global Mentor of ShARE

The programme

The programme is offered to bright students from top universities across the world and who have the potential to shape a more sustainable and inclusive world. Students follow the programme in parallel to their academic curriculum.

The programme runs over 2 academic years and it is adjusted to local context to ensure students can balance their time between the programme and their academic curriculum.

During a typical week, a student will spend 2-3 hours on e- learning, 4-5 hours on assignments and 2 hours in local team meetings


The programme is structured to improve the students’ ability to take initiatives and develop an entrepreneurial spirit

Corporate skills

ShARE students acquire top corporate skills through training, projects with start-up and real life projects

Openness to the world

The program is completely taught in English and students are grouped into international teams.

Do well, Do good

Students collaborate on solving major societal issues such as poverty, inequalities, climate change and with NGO projects. 

The pedagogy


Learning by doing

Students spend more than 60% of their time on real projects so they can sharpen their skills through practice.

Learning by teaching

2nd year students become teachers of the first year students. That’s the best way to ensure concept and skills have been fully acquired

Emulation learning

Students are grouped into teams of 5. Groups compete and students grade is made of 50% of their own grade and 50% of their team grade.

Where the programme is offered

The programme is offered to any bright students from top universities. Currently, about 700 students from 15 countries and 30 top universities are following the programme. The plan is to offer it to 10 000 students over the next few years.

700 students

15 countries

30 top universities


IIT-Madras (Chennai)
IIT-B Mumbai
IIT-D Delhi
IIT-KGP (Karagphur)
BITS Pilani
IIM-A (Ahmedabad)
IIM-I (Indore)
IIM-B (Bangalore)
IIM-K (Kerala)







UP (Porto)

LUMS (Lahore)

AAU (Ethiopia)

University of Lome (Togo)

UD (Dhaka)

Shanghai Jiaotong University

Fudan university
Zhejiang University
Beijing University
Tsinghua University
Renmin University
Xian Jiaotong University
Wuhan University
Hong Kong University
Chinese University of Hong Kong 

ITB (Bandung)
UI (Jakarta)


Lomé (Togo)

Annual World Seminar

Every year ShARE organizes a World Seminar where students can meet Global Leaders, interact together and collaborate in projects with other students from different countries

Students with Hailemariam Desalegn former Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Global Mentor of ShARE

Panel of Do Well Do good entrepreneurs

Alumni and students of ShARE exchanging experiences and learnings in a round table

Sebastien Frendo, founder of ShARE addressing to the students on the concept of Do Well Do Good


Discover ShARE by hearing our former students experiences and Global Mentors

Do you want to Do Well for yourself and Do Good for the world?


We run recruitment every year. To be sure you do not miss it, please send an email to mentioning the team you want to join in the subject.

If you are a student in a top university where ShARE is not present and want to set up a team, send us an email to


After successful completion of the programme, ShARE students join the Alumni Community, which has grown up to 3000 alumni, spread across 20 countries and 50 cities. Each community is organized at a city level by a City Alumni Manager and grouped in 4 hubs which are coordinated by a Regional Manager. Alumni meet three times a year during the Alumni Summit, Alumni day in their own city and when they welcome the arrival of the new Alumni.

4 hubs

3000 Alumni

Yang Ying

Yang Ying was a student at ShARE-Fudan. She was also the project manager of the Social Business project of ShARE and Peace Nobel Prize laureate Prof. Yunus. She is now an associate at McKinsey in San Francisco.

Yang Ying
Louis Antoine

Louis Antoine was a global member of ShARE in charge of business development. He is now a project manager at McKinsey in Paris.

Louis Antoine

Sijia is a co-founder of ShARE-SJTU. She is now a Project Leader at the Boston Consulting Group, in the Hong Kong office.


Vladimir is one of the first 7 members who founded ShARE in Shanghai. He is now the CEO of Labbrand, a leading branding consulting company in Asia, that he set up from scratch. Labbrand now has 100 employees and advises big names like Starbucks.


Pragyan is a founding member of ShARE-DSE. Pragyan did a PhD at LSE, worked for the Bank of England and is now an economist at the IMF in Washington.



Zainab is a former ShARE student at LUMS. She is now a consultant at the World Bank in Washington DC.

Do you want to Do Well for yourself
and Do Good for the world?
Join a team

We run recruitment every year. To be sure you do not miss it, please send an email to mentioning the team you want to join in the subject.

Set up a team

If you are a student in a top university where ShARE is not present and want to set up a team, send us an email to

The ShARE student

The ShARE student is a bright and hard working student, open to the world and passionate about making it better.

"10 years after my studies and a successful career as first a Banker in London and Singapore and then an Entrepreneur, I still see ShARE as the biggest positive driver of my professional foundation thanks to three things: 1. I learned at ShARE international leadership - the ability to coordinate and manage remote multicultural teams which is now a must-have in corporates 2. Critical thinking skills via exchanging economic and business ideas with bright students over the world 3. Connection with alumni throughout the world"

Niroshan Balasubramaniam, ShARE EPFL alumni

"In ShARE I learnt 3 things. First be empathetic and think from others’ perspectives when managing and leading teams; second, consulting and problem solving skills from doing start-up and global projects; and finally global-mindedness, the importance and fun of being globally connected….and I will take for life the friendship with members from all over the world, mentorship with great professionals from the best firms, and the importance of contributing back to society and making real impact."

Huang Qing, ShARE NTU alumni

A bright student
A student in tier 1 university with excellent academic records.
..very hard-working
Go the extra mile! Not satisfied with good only. to the world
Open-minded, curious and enthusiastic about other's culture.
..and generous
Committed to do good on top of doing well.