Online selection test

ShARE leadership programme

University of Sao Paulo - Saturday, June 5th 2021




The test lasts for one hour and it has 3 parts. There is a link to the test form at the end of this web-page. Each part of the test carries a different weightage. We recommend you to keep two windows open - this web-page and the test form.

Part 1  - Why ShARE - Prepare a small paragraph on why you want to join ShARE.(20%) max. Time suggested for this section is 5 min.
Part 2  - Analytical test - No preparation required, just speed (60%) max. Time suggested for this section is 40 min.
Part 3 - Do Well Do Good - Do a case on Do Well Do Good. (20%) max. Time suggested for this section is 10 min.

If you are selected you will be invited for a second round interview with a senior ShARE staff.

PART 3 materials - "Do well do good"

Spend 5 min reading the essay from the ShARE founder on how the Do well do good  concept is applied to corporates. A case will be given to you in the test form, that would require you to understand the concept as well as the 8 criteria mentioned in the essay.

Essay on do well do good


The test form

Click here to access the test form. Use the same email address as you registered in ShARE. Remember, we advise you to keep two windows open.