"Who will do good, if our leaders just focus on doing well ? At the same time doing good only is not realistic, we are all humans. I believe that doing well and doing good is not only compatible but the unique way to go to shape a more just and sustainable society"

Sebastien Frendo,  founder

The founding moment

Sebastien founded ShARE in China in 2002 when he was an exchange student. ShARE was initially a group of young French people in Shanghai who decided to meet every week and exchange their knowledge about China economy.

As members of this group was about to leave Shanghai and return to France, the model evolved and became a  global student network with a dual model - a think tank and corporate school. With time, the "student" network model expanded across more than 10 countries. 
Ran as a hobby for the last 15 years, Sebastien made it his job in 2017 and ShARE evolved into its current shape.


Sebastien graduated from Telecom ParisTech, Shanghai Jiaotong University and the Delhi School of Economics. After spending 5 years in India and China, Sebastien returned to France and worked for the Boston Consulting Group.

He then worked for the Tony Blair Institute (TBI) for 7 years in Africa. Initially as an adviser to the energy minister of Sierra Leone, then as country director for Sierra Leone and Ethiopia, and he left TBI as head of strategy. During that period, he advised more than 20 ministers and worked with 3 head of states in Africa.
Sebastien is married with Susan who is Ugandan and they are blessed have to have two kids.