Openness to the world

Just like the economy which has been globalised, major problems that the societies face today are global problems - climate change, inequalities, migration,...

It is critical for our future leaders to be curious about the world and embrace cultural differences to they are able to work across borders and solve global problems with their peers from 5 other continents.

China - Russia

China - Romania

India - Italy

Wold seminar

Every year ShARE organizes a World Seminar where students can meet Global Leaders, interact together and collaborate in projects with other students from different countries

International batch

This international exposure is a sample of the actual day to day reality that most of the organizations face in their regular operations and we hope it will embrace other’s culture with curiosity, respect and joy

Teams from different parts of the world working together under the same umbrella of a projects despite the time zone, language barriers, technology, etc.


Bernadetta, student from University of Indonesia, at ShARE world seminar in London.

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